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Our Paid tours

Artisans Angkor has always endeavored to make its visitors interact with its craftsmen and women, and to share information on Cambodian culture. Indeed, all our pieces are produced by hand by local talented craftsmen and women who have a lot to share: skills, customs, personal history, etc.

In order to go further in this interaction, we decided to launch, in addition to the free guided tours we already offer, two new tour packages for those of you who truly want to learn more about local customs and get immersed in our artisans’ daily life. These exclusive packages are bookable directly online!

Anyhow, let’s have a quick overview:

Craft-It-Yourself packages
If you book this package, you will discover the secrets of Cambodian handicrafts by stepping into the shoes of an artisan! Indeed, real local masters will teach you traditional craft techniques in order to help you make your own creation to bring home: jewelry, silk scarf, silk painting, and even sandstone, soapstone or wood sculpture… You decide!

2 different tours:


Off-the-beaten-path packages
Thanks to this package, you’ll be one of the few privileged to authentically experience the life of an artisan living in rural communities. You’ll visit her or his workplace and home village, located in Cambodia’s beautiful countryside and, finally, you’ll get to meet her or his family and discover the smiles and stories they will happily share with you.

3 different tours:


Whatever package you select, you will undoubtedly spend unforgettable moments in Cambodia. It is a perfect activity to share with your significant other, or relatives and friends!


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