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20 things you’ll definitely miss about cambodia…

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20 things you’ll definitely miss about Cambodia…

…A land that is unique and perfect in its own way!

If you dropped by/visited/lived in Cambodia, you might have encountered daily life facts that you found a bit disturbing at first, sweet and funny then, and that you’ll definitely miss if you leave the country. 

How many of the situations below will you find relatable? 
Of course, everything is to take with lots of humor and in a friendly way: Cambodia is wonderful, and we love it very much!

1. Discovering what big feasts are: you always thought of yourself as a big eater: “I eat like a horse”, you used to say. Then, your Cambodian coworker had you over for lunch, and you ate so much you couldn’t move for 3 days.


2. Being honked for no apparent reason: No worries, it’s just the driver’s code, a way to say “hello”, right? However, if you start honking crazily when there’s no one around, you’ve been here for too long.


3. Stray cats and dogs: if you’re a pet lover, it’s like being a child in a candy store. If you’re not… well… good luck.


4. The heat: somehow, you got used to being wet all the time - because of the heat, because of the rain… under all circumstances, you spare as much efforts as possible to stay presentable. And then out of nowhere, some random guy passes you, doing his daily jogging under the sun; what’s your excuse?


5. Being blocked by cow herds crossing the road: “I’m sorry honey, I’ll be a bit late, there’s a calf on my hood”


6. Living alongside Wonders of the World and Paradises on Earth: kindly note that if you keep posting pictures of architectural treasures, sunsets on lotus fields and desert islands on Facebook, your relatives might end up hating you.


7. Experiencing random electricity cuts: which is totally fine, except in the dry season when the fan/aircon suddenly stops, and you ask yourself when life started hating you that much. 


8. Being surrounded by spirituality, blessings and incense smells: it’s so easy to forget about the reality and just surrender to this warm and comforting atmosphere. Why on earth would you ever get back to work?


9. Chol Mouying: it’s not that you like drinking beer, but it’s so funny to yell “Chol Mouy” while toasting that you simply have to order another one.


10. Local celebrations and parades: colors, dances, songs, joy, and smiles everywhere… it’s like…Wow!


11. Everything being picturesque: Cambodia is the best place in the world to take beautiful pictures; something unique is waiting for you at every corner!


12. Receiving the most beautiful smile ever from a complete stranger: and being cheered up instantly, when you feel a bit down.


13. Trying to speak Khmer: the grammar is fine but – oh dear god – the pronunciation… 


14. Feeling proud when you eat in a fancy restaurant… for a modest price: starter, wine, main course, more wine, dessert, after-dinner liqueur… you cannot help but calculating what you would have spent for such a dinner, back in your hometown. Probably half of your salary. At least.


15. Feeling upset when you’re confused with a tourist by local people: between tourists and you, there’s a gap: you know Cambodia, and they simply don’t. In your head, Tourist = Pub street hooligan.


16. Bumping into random weddings, parades & other loud parties: Honestly … who knows how to celebrate better than Cambodian people? If you ever joined a wedding or a dancing party, you know the answer is “no one”


17. Being used to Crazy hit songs… 
18. …and to Cambodian rock oldies (60-70s): these ones are authentic gems. 
19. Envying your Khmer friends for getting over 200 likes on Facebook for a picture they just posted…
…when you are happy with 17.


20. Showing off with your Khmer basics in front of your friends/family visiting: you say “Saum ket loy!” and feel proud as if you were discussing philosophical matters.


BONUS: Going back to your homeland and being asked “so, tell me everything about Cambodia”: well... where do I start…?


Pictures: © Piseth Tuy & Kaya Issiakou

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