A tasteful, beautiful bowl that can be put in a number of different rooms throughout the home, the Lacquer Bowl Hibiscus Red is something that helps to depict the traditional Cambodian flower.


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The bowl itself is lacquered, made by hand using a traditional process. It is white on the outside and red on the inside, with a dark navy color encircling the rim. On the front of the bowl is a picture of the hibiscus itself, one of the many flowers that are traditional to Cambodia itself. This bowl will not only help to brighten up any room, but it can help to add an air of culture and sophistication to any place.

While some people may want to use it for its intended use, there are a great many other things that can done with this as well. Some people may just prefer to have it sitting in one of their rooms as a decorative object, perhaps putting a few different things inside it like potpourri or even their jewelry. As a decorative piece it can also help to clear up any clutter by keeping it all together. This is certainly a unique and interesting design that will get anyone's attention.

Height 5.5cm
Width 11cm
Weight 1.1kg

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This tray is part of the Artisans' Signature collection, whose specificity is that every piece of this lacquerware line was signed in Khmer calligraphy by the craftsman who produced it. iDimensions: W. 45cm x L. 31cm x H. 3.5cm

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