The Long Sleeves Traditional Shirt is the perfect formal attire for the men who want to dress to impress, but also want something that will add a little bit of comfort to their overall outfit.

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The shirt itself is made from silk that is hand-woven by our artisans, and with a plain front it helps to add to an overall elegant yet simple style. From the front of the shirt, it is possible to see the pearl buttons that run along down the center. There is a round patch pocket on the shirt's left breast, and the square cuffs feature a single button. These cuffs are cut in accordance with average arm measurements.

Coming in black, charcoal or beige multicolor the shirt can be worn to a number of different occasions and will look perfect with a tie. It can be worn without a tie and help to give a more casual outfit a bit of extra flair. Overall the shirt is versatile and helps to add something unique, comfort and smart to anyone's wardrobe. With a range of diverse style uses this shirt is something that is not to be missed. The Long Sleeves Traditional Men Shirt will help to create a comfortable feel with a stylish look.

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