The Polychrome Head of Jayavarman VII is a fine medium size statue representing one of the most productive and powerful kings who reigned over the Khmer empire of Angkor. It was inspired by a specimen located at the Preah Khan Temple of Kompong Svay (Bayon style, XIIth-XIIIth century).


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Jayavarman VII belonged to the royal family of Ankor; he built numerous temples and expanded the empire to its full greatness. In modern times Jayavarman VII became a paradigmatic national hero admired for having promoted a welfare state and for having established the greatest territorial extent of the Cambodian nation. Jayavarman VII was also inspired by Buddhism and he dedicated his life to serving both physical and the spiritual needs of the Cambodian people. Besides building temples, he rebuilt the city of Angkor, he constructed more than 100 rest houses and hospitals throughout his kingdom and he also extended the system of highways between Bayon and the provinces.

This statue has been previously carved on rubber wood and then treated following the Polychrome process, which gives it a glossy and durable finish. The statue is perfect to be placed on display on a shelf or as centerpiece on a table in the living room or a hall. This piece of Cambodian history will enhance the look of any room in your house.

Height 19cm
Width 12.5cm
Depth 14cm
Weight 3.5kg

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