Head of buddha


The Polychrome head of Buddha is a finely carved and gilded representation of the Buddha. In this small statue you can appreciate to detail the features the Buddha while meditating.


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The peacefulness and spiritual power are craftily represented by this work of art. The Buddha is always shown as having certain physical attributes. Buddhists believe in the hypostasis, which is a properly rendered representation of the Buddha.

In this case, an accurate work has been done and many Buddhists could consider this piece a truthful image of the Buddha. Every well rendered image of Buddha is considered to possess supernatural qualities and to be an actual spiritual emanation of him. Buddha’s images are valued by Buddhists as a means of communication with the supernatural world.

Although the Buddha is not a god, Buddhists believe in his enlightening power and they make offerings to him and pray before his images. Buddhists believe that every Buddha image reaches back to the Buddha himself and that these images are the representation of an ideal reality of the Buddha. The artist that creates the image must be in a mental and spiritual state that will allow him to see this ideal reality. This head of Buddha is appropriate for meditating and for spiritual purposes, keeping evil spirits away from the house and promoting the enlightenment of those who accept Buddha’s teachings.

Height 13cm
Width 20.5cm
Depth 12cm
Weight 3kg

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