This Polychrome statue Standing Buddha one hand up is a beautifully rendered statue hand made in this unique form.


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Polychrome is an unusual style of artistry in which this Buddha is made allowing it to be both light weight and luxurious. The artist begins in his workshop by carving the Buddha out of wood. The wood is then covered with a layer of plaster, which is then covered with high gloss paint and in some cases gilded or covered with a fine patina. The muted colors along with the Buddha's sobering expression will make this the perfect addition to your decor in your home or office.

You do not have to be a Buddhist to have a Buddha adorning your home or garden. The standing Buddha may symbolize the Buddha is giving his blessing to your home and will give the area a peaceful atmosphere. When used for Feng Shui, a Buddha statue will help the chi energy to flow through your rooms.

The blessing Buddha pose (one hand raised) depicts Buddha bestowing fearlessness (with a raised hand) and compassion (the lower hand). This pose would make it the perfect peaceful addition to your interior or exterior decor and would be very useful for adding peace and blessings to your living space.

Height 28cm
Width 23cm
Depth 14cm
Weight 6kg

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This delightful polychrome statue shows the god Ganesha, with his elephant head and human body. The figure of Ganesha, originally Hindu, is very popular in Asian cultures and now transcends many religious barriers. He is commonly worshipped by all branches of Hinduism, Jains and Buddhists.

The Buddha is displaying the "dispelling fear" pose, also known as the Abhaya mudra. The Abhaya mudra is one of the principal mudras in Buddhism, and seeks to bring out the individual's inner strength in order to banish fear and other unwanted emotions. The right hand is shown against the chest, palm outwards.