The Leisure Bag has a number of functions, due to its choice of shapes. It is made from raw silk, making it a bag of good quality.

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The transformation of the Leisure Bag is enabled by the four press-studs that are featured on it. Some people may wish to keep it flat and square, but a three-dimensional shape is possible (see pictures). This is done by tying the two lower press-studs into a shape like that of a trapezium. The bag can also be made into a more rectangular shape by tying together the lower and upper press studs. All kinds of bits and pieces can be kept in this bag's pockets.

When it comes to style ad diversity, the Leisure Bag can either be carried by hand or carried on the shoulders, depending on preferences. Black, brown, night blue, olive and red are the colors that this bag will come in. Depending on the type of outfits you wear, it can be the perfect compliment especially for those who are going on a long day trip somewhere and need to carry a few bits and pieces with them. Practical and stylish, the bag's ability to transform will certainly be an interesting feature.

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