Transform traditional, bland cushions with these gorgeous bicolor water lily cushion covers. The covers come in square and rectangular sizes, sold separately, and come in rich shades of Bronze/Anis, Red/Violet and Charcoal/Fuchsia.

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These lovely cushion covers are a wonderful mix of both traditional and modern color as well as style and symbolism and are handmade in the Siem Reap province of Cambodia. Each cushion is made from 100 percent silk. The artisans hand wove the silk and then hand printed the beautiful patterns that feature water lilies and butterflies.

However, these images are not merely decorative, as the water lily is the most sacred of all flowers in Buddhism. The lotus flower grows its roots down deep into the muddy water but the flower blooms above the water, symbolizing that the spirit too grows above the muddied waters of the mind. An open water lily represents the fully open mind of the spirit and the heart.

Butterflies, meanwhile, symbolize the transformation of the consciousness from darkness to light and add a touch of whimsy to the cushion cover. These lovely cushion covers will add beauty and meaning to any room. Mix and match the different covers and sizes for an even more unusual look.

Height Square: 45cm/ Rectangular: 45cm
Width Square: 45cm/ Rectangular: 27cm

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This Dragon fly table runner was carefully hand made from pure fine silk, hand woven and hand sewn by our Cambodian artisans in the Siem Reap province. It is available in four colors: Bronze, Burgundy, Orange and Red, sold separately.

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The Jasmine Chorebap cushion cover is made of hand woven silk of the finest quality. It is available in three different sizes, big square, medium square and rectangular, which are sold separately.

The Hol Lboeuk Cushion cover is not just a fancy design that can brighten up the room, but the design itself has a deep and intricate meaning. The cushion covers are available in three sizes, big square, medium square and rectangular, sold separately.

The Umbrella silk cushion cover is entirely made of fine silk – it was hand woven on a traditional wooden loom by a Cambodian artisan working in a rural workshop located in the region of Angkor. The designs of the Angkorian umbrellas were featured on the silk fabric thanks to the screen-printing technique.

The Ikat cushion cover is entirely made of fine silk. It was produced by hand thanks to a complex tie-dyeing technique called Ikat, hence its name! This technique consists in making the bicolored design appear during the weaving process as each weft thread was dyed several times according to the desired finished design. 

The Bayadere cushion cover is entirely made of raw silk fabric, whose strips were dyed in different colors, and sewn together by hand. The whole cushion cover was entirely hand woven on a traditional wooden loom by a Cambodian artisan working in a rural workshop located in the region of Angkor. 

These opulent silk cushion covers are made from pure hand-woven silk and sold separately. Angkor Artisans does not make or sell cushions.