The Chorebap Table Runner is made of the finest Cambodian silk and it has been woven by hand. The smooth texture and glossy surface of this table runner will embellish your table and enhance the look of the room.

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The middle part of the table runner has been woven with the Chorebap motif, which has a geometrical shape resembling the Jasmine pattern in a slightly smaller size. The motif is made with the Brocade technique, which is a highly sophisticated way of weaving that gives relief to the fabric. Chorebap has been anciently praised as the rarest and finest of Eastern silk fabrics. This motif was also designated as a royal tribute and before it was traditionally interwoven with gold thread, which is not the case in this table runner…

The original name of this technique derives from the word: cloud and it is a tribute to the finest silk-making technology and the beauty of the fabric which is used as material. The silk weaving art started almost five thousand years ago, and the hand-woven brocade goes back more than 1,500 years. The traditional brocade hand-weaving art is a skill that is based only on human memory and it has been handed down by word of mouth over generations for 3,000 years.

Height 40cm
Width 200cm

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