devata dressing up


This nice bas-relief was totally hand carved in sandstone. It portrays a beautiful Devata who is dressing up. This piece was inspired by a specimen from Bayon temple (XIIth-XIIIth centuries)


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This detailed bas-relief shows the elegance and beauty of Devatas. The sculpture gives the impression that she is wearing a sarong, a long drape wound round the hips which leaves here navel bare. It is fastened with a patterned belt. It is from the XIIth century onwards that the sarong, originally plain, started to be decorated with embroidery, flowers. The set of jewelry and jeweled belts carved on this piece gives an idea of the type of ornaments that were worn at this period. The complicated hairstyle of the deity, with multiple rosettes and pinnacles, towering above the diadem, was probably worn by the dancers who took part in temple ceremonies.

Height 24.5cm
Width 17cm
Depth 2.5cm
Weight 3.5kg

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