Head of Jayavarman VII


This sculpture depicts the putative head of King Jayavarman VII (late XIIth, early XIIIth century). This carving was inspired by a statue from Angkor Thom, now located at the National Museum of Phnom Penh. 

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Under the reign of Jayavarman VII,  one of the greatest rulers of Cambodia, Khmer art was characterized by an important production of putative portraits of the King as the Bodhisattva of the compassion. At the end of the XIIth century, this fascination for the image led to the carving of numerous effigies widespread all over the Kingdom, which brought to the extreme “the art of the portrait” initiated by his predecessors.

Sandstone sculptures can be displayed outside but they cannot be exposed to long-lasting frost. You can clean this piece with clear water but you should avoid contact with oil products to prevent grease stains.

Height S: 10cm / M: 18cm / L: 23cm
Width S: 7cm / M: 10cm / L: 16cm
Depth S: 7.5cm / M: 12cm / L: 18cm
Weight S: 1.5kg / M: 3.5kg / L: 11kg

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