Head of Buddha


This charming stone head is available in two sizes, small and medium,  sold separately,  to suit your budget and your available space. It shows Buddha with his eyes open and a full-lipped serene smile. He is wearing a detailed headdress, carved here by one of our skilled young craftsmen.

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The Buddha was born Siddhatha Gautama, and lived around 500BC. The documentation about him has very varied, and often conflicting, accounts of his birth, status, and life, but the popular version is that he was born into a royal family and lived for the first 26 or so years of his life as a prince, being protected from all knowledge about sickness, death, aging and poverty. When he did venture outside the confines of his narrow existence he was very depressed by the sudden realization of the fragility of man and of life.

At the age of 29 he left his home and family and took to the roads in a search for the meaning of existence. Over a period of time he discovered many truths which he then taught to others along his way. When he was sitting under the Bodhi tree, he achieved enlightenment and at once became elevated to the status of Buddha, defeating the devil Mara, and creating the Buddhist doctrines which are based on his teachings.



Height S: 10cm / M: 14.5cm
Width S: 7cm / M: 10cm
Depth S: 7.5cm / M: 7.5cm
Weight S: 1.5kg / M: 3.5kg

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