head of prahnaparamita


This is a lovely stone carving of Pranhaparamita, often known as "the mother of all Buddhas"

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The word Pranhaparamita is actually the name of a philosophical doctrine which is central to the Mahayana Buddhist beliefs. As a Sanskrit word, it means "the perfection of wisdom", usually taken to mean transcendental wisdom. It forms an essential part in the practice of the Bodhisattva Path. Before the beginning of Mahayana Buddhism, females were felt to be insufficiently spiritual to achieve enlightenment and therefore could not become Buddhas. However, the Mahayana doctrine introduced the concept of female Buddhas, notably with the depiction of Pranhaparamita as the great mother.

 The philosophy of Pranhaparamita is of form and emptiness, and seeks to imbue the idea that we are nothing except in what we bring to others. As we are all supposed to have lived many lives, everyone has been our mother. So we are closely related to all life, and are interdependent with all beings, therefore should respect them.

It is a head showing the serene face of the goddess, with intricate carving for the headgear and a sculpture of Buddha sitting in the lotus position to crown it. Displaying this beautiful stone head in your home or office will remind you on a daily basis of this valuable teaching.

Height S: 11cm / M: 19.5cm
Width S: 6.5cm / M: 11cm
Depth S: 7.5cm / M: 10cm
Weight S: 1.5kg / M: 3.5kg

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This sculpture depicts the putative head of King Jayavarman VII (late XIIth, early XIIIth century). This carving was inspired by a statue from Angkor Thom, now located at the National Museum of Phnom Penh. 

This charming stone head is available in two sizes, small and medium,  sold separately,  to suit your budget and your available space. It shows Buddha with his eyes open and a full-lipped serene smile. He is wearing a detailed headdress, carved here by one of our skilled young craftsmen.